• Biogena 3-Salt Zinc 9 mg

    Dietary supplement

    60 capsules

    10 g

    The unique combination of three organic zinc compounds – with zinc malate, the (well-tolerated) zinc salt of malic acid.

    DreiSalz® Zink 9 mg is a unique combination of three good, bioavailable organic zinc compounds (zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate and zinc malate). The careful selection of the zinc salts was carried out by in-house product development. In addition to the approved zinc picolinate, zinc bisglycinate, the zinc salt found in malic acid, which is otherwise also known as apple zinc, was chosen. Well tolerated and correctly dosed, it is suitable for daily zinc supplementation for both young and old.

    DreiSalz® Zink 9 mg

    • Contains three organic zinc compounds in a good bioavailable form

    • With zinc malate, the zinc salt of malic acid

    • Supports the immune system and protects against oxidative stress

    • Plays a role in the maintenance of skin, hair and nails

    Possible uses:

    • To support the normal functions of the immune system and to provide protection against oxidative stress

    • For children and young people, who have a lower zinc requirement than adults




    INGREDIENTS: Bulking agent: cellulose powder, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell), zinc picolinate, zinc malate, zinc bisglycinate.

    1 capsule
    % NRV*
    Zinc 9 mg 90%


    RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 1 capsule daily preferably taken in the evening and outside meal times with plenty of liquid.

    The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.

    No substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Suitable for diabetics.