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Coucou Body Gua Sha. Body Tools
Coucou Body Gua Sha. Body Tools
Coucou Body Gua Sha. Body Tools

Coucou Body Gua Sha

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Create your own Coucou Home Spa and improve your overall skin appearance with our Coucou Body Gua Sha made from 100% natural Rose Quartz. This ancient Chinese beauty tool, known as the ‘scraper’, is the perfect relaxing self-care tool to treat your lower body, neck, and shoulder muscles to some well-deserved love. Perfect if your body muscles are feeling tense or stressed! The origins of Gua Sha lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine where stones were used to rub parts of the body to help alleviate symptoms of disease. The Rose Quartz crystal is commonly referred to as the love-stone: it heals and attracts self-love and love for others, raises self-esteem, and restores confidence.

  • Body Gua Sha is the perfect deep massage technique if your muscles are feeling tense or stressed.
  • Scraping, and the natural coldness of the stone, improves blood circulation which stimulates lymphatic drainage (the removal of toxins) and oxygen flow.
  • Use the Body Gua Sha as a work-out for your skin to lift and sculpt the face and neck and improve the skin's elasticity.
  • Body Gua Sha will stimulate collagen production by massaging the deeper layer of your skin and asking it to reorganize itself and produce new collagen. This will plump fine lines. 
  • Use after your favorite body oil or moisturizer, as rolling will enhance the absorption of your product (not to forget it simply feels heavenly).
  • Body Gua Sha will also make a difference to the texture, tone, and clarity of your complexion, leaving your skin with that desirable natural glow.
  • Through energetic massage and pressure, the Coucou Body Gua Sha treats cellulite by reducing subcutaneous fat deposits (causing fat cells to rupture).


  • Depuff and relieve tension and muscle pain
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Lift and sculpt body muscles
  • Smooth out uneven skin tone and texture
  • Less visible cellulite

100% Rose Quartz.


Clean & Store Wipe the tool gently with a soft damp cloth and air dry before storing it in a safe place or keep it in the fridge for extra depuffing effects. Pre-cautions Do not use on injured or irritated skin, skin with active acne, blemishes, broken veins or bruises. Work around these areas to treat the surrounding skin and reduce inflammation. Click here to see how to use. 

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