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SPORTS Immunity. Immunity

SPORTS Immunity

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Food supplement
90 capsules (1 month supply), 65 g

Premium complex with traditional medicinal mushrooms, valuable plant extracts and the micronutrient classics vitamins A, C, D as well as zinc and selenium to support the immune system for all physically active people

Micronutrients for the immune system in competitive and amateur sports

With selected plant extracts such as echinacea and black garlic

With vitamins A, C, D and the trace elements zinc and selenium

With vital mushrooms: reishi, cordyceps & shiitake

Product of the Cologne List®


Get off to a flying start with immune training companions
Sport does a lot for the body and is good for the immune system. After intensive training sessions, the immune system's defense function may be temporarily impaired. Athletes know this as the "open window" effect, a normal biological phenomenon. A balanced and varied diet is the basis for maintaining good health. If this falls short during intensive training periods, the body's own defenses can be supported with targeted nutritional supplements and the supply of relevant micronutrients can be ensured. After all, reliable partners for the immune system are essential in times of sporting challenges.

In order to meet these high requirements, the sophisticated formula of BIOGENA SPORTS Immunity combines the best of East and West: it combines traditional medicinal mushrooms with valuable plant extracts and the micronutrient classics vitamins A, C and D, zinc and selenium.

Vitamins A and C and the minerals zinc and selenium support the normal function of the immune system. The power substance vitamin D is also important for our immune system. Studies have also shown that a good supply of vitamin D supports muscle function - a benefit for athletes that should not be neglected.

The medicinal mushrooms reishi, cordyceps and shiitake have a tradition going back more than a thousand years and are highly valued in Chinese teachings. Selected plant substances ideally round off Biogena Sports Immunity: extracts of black garlic, curcuma, echinacea, black pepper and elderberry give the preparation the power of nature. Black garlic is fermented white garlic, which contains more S-allyl cysteine than white garlic. The trio of curcuma, echinacea and black garlic in particular complement each other perfectly. Curcuma and black garlic support the body's own defense mechanisms. The echinacea root extract is obtained by gentle water extraction from the root of the famous Echinacea pallida plant. The formula is rounded off with quercetin in the form of Quercefit®.
BIOGENA SPORTS Immunity - powerful support for all active sportspeople.

• Support for a functioning immune system during intensive training phases
• Specially developed for the increased needs of athletes
• Micronutrient classics combined with proven plant extracts and traditional medicinal mushrooms
• Product of the Cologne List®


Calcium-L-ascorbate, acerola fruit juice powder, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (capsule shell), Reishi powder, black garlic extract (contains sulfites), cordyceps powder, quercetin-phospholipid (quercetin, sunflower lecithin, maltodextrin), shiitake powder, turmeric extract, echinacea root extract, elderberry extract, zinc picolinate, Cholecalciferol (from algae), beta-carotene, sodium selenite, retinyl acetate, black pepper extract.




per capsule

daily dose 3 capsules

% NRV*

Vitamin C 167mg 500 mg 625
Vitamin A (µg RE) 134µg 400 µg 50
Vitamin D3 16.7µg 50 µg 1000
Zinc 1.67mg 5 mg 50
Selenium 9.16µg 27.5 µg 50
Black garlic extract 83.3mg 250 mg -
containing: S-allyl cysteine 0.1mg 0.3 mg  
Curcuma extract 18mg 52 mg -
containing: curcuminoids 16.6mg 50 mg -
Echinacea extract 16.7mg 50 mg -
Elderberry extract 10mg 30 mg -
Black pepper extract 0.35mg 1 mg -
Reishi powder 83mg 250 mg -
Cordyceps powder 46mg 140 mg -
Shiitake powder 33mg 100 mg -
Quercetin 16.6mg 50 mg -



3 x 1 capsule daily taken at meal times with plenty of liquid.

The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. Not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature. Protect from heat. Keep out of reach of children.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as children and young people under 18 years.
Not an organic product according to Regulation (EU) 2018/848.

Suitable for diabetics. The information provided here is not a statement on healing or a recommendation to self-medicate. Vcaps® Plus is a trademark of Lonza or its affiliates, registered in the USA. Subject to print or typographical errors. Version: 27.11.2023


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