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Mico Cord. Mushrooms

Mico Cord

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Cordyceps sinensis Food supplement 70 capsules Mico Cord is the food supplement with the highest concentration of Cordyceps active ingredients. (Cordyceps sinensis), also known as the “energy mushroom”. - Pure organic extract - Natural, suitable for coeliacsand lactose intolerance vegetarians y vegansNon-GMO ingredients - Easy-to-swallow 100% vegetable capsules - Safe and compatible with other protocols. - GMP pharmaceutical quality and safety standards  (stricter than ISO 9001). CRAEGA certification (certified organic production at European level). A safe product that complies with requirements set by the Spanish Food Safety Agency (AESAN) and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA).

70 capsules 70 capsules (660 mg). Each capsule contains 426.6 mg pure organic Cordyceps extract and 108 mg Cordyceps powder.  Capsule 100% vegetal.
Polisacáridos  241 mg
- β-glucans (β-(1-3),(1-6) D-glucans  123 mg
- α-glucans  49 mg
Ergosterol  670 μg
Cordicepin  10 mg
Manitol  112 mg
Adenosine  1500 μg
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Allergen-free product according to Reg. (EU) NO 1169/2011 Gluten-free product according to Reg. (EU) NO. 609/2013 GMO-free product according to Reg. EC 1829/2003 and 1830/2003

Recommended daily dose: one or two capsules – or as recommended by your healthcare professional – in the morning, preceded by one or two tablets of Askorbato K-HdT (rich in vitamin C) to promote the absorption of beta-glucans. General precautions Do not consume in case of allergy to mushrooms. For children under 6 years of age HdT has created children’s products which can be dose-adjusted by body weight. Keep in original packaging at a temperature below 25 ºC. Do not consume if the seal is damaged or broken. Once opened, consume within five months.


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