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Mico-Blue Solution. Mushrooms
Mico-Blue Solution. Mushrooms
Mico-Blue Solution. Mushrooms
Mico-Blue Solution. Mushrooms

Mico-Blue Solution

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165 ml
33 oral syringes
 x 5 ml

This box contains one month’s treatment, with daily doses (5ml) in candy-flavoured oral syringes. It is recommended to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach. When needed (as a special booster), take an additional dose on an empty stomach.

Nature’s Blue Pill: The Ultimate Luxury of Power from Cordyceps

The Mico-Blue is a Natural product designed to maximize energy levels, strength, mood and sexual power based on an innovative microemulsion which combines an organic highly concentrated and standardised Cordyceps extract, the well known prebiotic FOS and Spirulina algae.

Food Supplement: 32 easy to consume caramel-flavoured viles

  1. Energy and sexual performance.
    In men, it works in a similar way to Cialis: you will feel it immediately after taking it. From the second day onwards, the effect will increase to a rejuvenating sensation, feeling full of energy. It increases testosterone in men.
  2. Calms the mind in stressful situations. Helps improve sleep quality.
  3. Feeling of euphoria, joy and power: Perfect for people suffering from stress, especially work-related stress. Ideal for businessmen and businesswomen.
  4. Prebiotic effect: Thanks to the mushrooms and fructooligosaccharides in its formulation (nano emulsion).
    Three days after the first intake, it will begin to regulate digestion and improve digestive intolerances and bowel movements. This effect helps to balance the bowel and can promote weight and fat loss if necessary.

★ It is also suitable for women …

1. Fertility: Cordyceps removes mucus from the fallopian tubes.

2. Increases libido.


Purified water, Cordyceps sinensis extract (23.16%), color (spirulin), gamma-cyclodrextrin, fructo-oligosaccharides, sweetener (xylitol), antioxidant (glycine), phospjatidylserine (contains soybean), aromas and preservatives.

beta (1-3), (1-6) D-glucans   320.60 mg
Cordycepin  17.28 mg

1 syringe (5ml) every 24 hours.
This box contains a one month supply. Each syringe represents a daily dose.
Suggested Use: for adults, take one (5 ml) a day. Not intended for children


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