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If more invasive treatments make you come over all weak at the knees just at the thought… prepare to introduce Dr. Levy’s new Contour Pro to your weekly rituals. Boasting 3 radiofrequency settings so you can create a truly bespoke routine, this is the at-home skin-changing device that will have everyone asking why you’re looking so good…

For chiselled cheekbones and lifted, more wide-awake eyes, Dr. Levy’s new contouring tool is ready to cater to your every need. Prepare to up the ante on your at-home facial with the powers of low-level microcurrent, perfectly sized to take away with you so you need never miss a treatment again, this chic tool is the perfect alternative to more invasive clinical therapies. Specifically designed electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) unites with youth-restoring radio frequency to boost sluggish collagen production, bringing about a more sculpted appearance and more even skin tone. Suitable for use around the eyes, lips, cheeks and key facial contours, you can create a tailored facial in mere moments… and reap the benefits too! The results? Fine lines… smoothed. Cheekbones and jawline… sculpted. Lips… softened and plumped. It’s a yes from us.


24K Gold Electroplated Electrode.


4 workouts for full facial lifting

Eye lift: after applying the Freezing Anti-Fatigue Mask (gel), move from the nose towards the lower corner of the eyebrow, following the cheekbone; circle around the eyebrow; move the electrode upwards at the centre of the forehead until the hairline. Repeat on each side for 3-5 minutes each.

Plump Lips: after applying the Freezing Anti-Fatigue Mask (gel) around the lips, start below the nose towards the lips corner. Repeat above and below the lips, 2 minutes on each side above the upper lip, 2 minutes on each side below the lower lip.

Face Contouring: After applying the Freezing Anti-Fatigue Mask (gel), follow the cheekbone from the eye-nose corner, until the ears. Repeat 3-5 minutes on each side.

Lower Face Lift: from the corner of the lips, move downward until the side of the chin; then follow the cheekbone until reaching the ear. Repeat 3-5 minutes on each side of the face. Always use over Freezing Anti-Fatigue Mask (gel).

Always use sufficient Freezing Anti-Fatigue Mask (gel) or another adapted water-based gel. Move the electrode continually and avoid keeping the electrode on the same spot more than 2-3 seconds. Always start with the first intensity level and increase strength progressively, as long as it remains comfortable.

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