• MicroCell® Curcumin Turmeric Complex- 60 Caps

    Microcell® Curcumin Turmeric Complex – 60 Caps

    MicroCell® Curcumin Turmeric Complex is a synergistic combination of curcumin, turmeric, ginger & pine bark extract. Our new curcumin uses UltraSOL® technology, dramatically increasing the curcumin potency.

    • THE SPICE OF LIFE? MicroCell® Curcumin Turmeric Complex is a synergistic combination of potent botanical ingredients to manage inflammation and support immunity as well as supporting energy, nervous, heart and circulation and lung function
    • COMPREHENSIVE IMMUNE SUPPORT – provides the perfect balance between the specific potent activity of curcumin, with the synergy of other key plant extracts, like turmeric, ginger and pine bark
    • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION – the best absorbed curcumin available. Emulsified with UltraSOL® technology to make it 46 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin and with a longer-lasting effect in the body
    • PURE & NATURAL – free from unnecessary ingredients and allergens, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans


    Recommended Intake

    For adults only. One capsule taken twice daily with food, or as professionally directed.

    Product Information per Daily Intake

    UltraSOL® Curcumin Extract 700mg
    Turmeric Extract 63.16mg Providing a total of 200mg Curcuminoids
    Ginger Root Extract 20:1 5mg Equivalent to 100mg Actual Ginger Root
    Pine Bark Extract 25mg