• Children’s OmegaCare

    Children’s OmegaCare® is a potent and highly concentrated fish oil derived from anchovies and sardines, flavoured with sweet orange oil. This great tasting liquid can be taken neat or mixed with water or juice and provides EPA & DHA.

    • HIGH POTENCY – Children’s OmegaCare® is a highly concentrated liquid fish oil supplement that provides over 500mg of EPA and 375mg of DHA per ½ teaspoon
    • HEALTH PROPERTIES – EPA and DHA support normal heart function, and DHA also helps maintain normal brain function and vision (including in foetal development)
    • PURE – Uses fish oil derived from anchovies and sardines that are free from PCBs and contaminants
    • NATURAL – Gently concentrated using lipase enzymes, retaining its natural triglyceride form
    • SUSTAINABLE – The fish we use are from sustainable fisheries which comply with the world’s toughest regulations
    • MAXIUMUM ABSORPTION – Our patented NEO-3® lipase enzyme process naturally concentrates and predigests the fish oil for maximum absorption
    • CONVENIENT – Flavoured with natural essential oil of orange, Children’s OmegaCare® tastes great. A pure and simple formulation that can be easily mixed with food or drink, or taken on its own

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    Recommended Intake

    Take daily with food or as professionally directed. Shake well before use.

    From 1 year – ¼ teaspoon (1.25ml)

    From 3 years – ½ teaspoon (2.5ml)

    Product Information per Daily Intake

    Per 2.5ml (½ teaspoon)
    Fish Oil Concentrate 2.28g Providing EPA 525mg, DHA 375mg
    Natural Mixed Tocopherols 10mg