• Sun Chlorella “A” 300 tablets

    High quality chlorella abundantly contains the basic nutrient required for health

    Sun Chlorella “A” is a high quality and balanced nutritional supplement rich in various nutrients. Sun Chlorella “A” contains nutrients in green and yellow vegetable such as essential amino acids, protein, minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll and carotene that are essential to healthy body. Above all, 60% of protein is contained which is not found in most food. And because we use Chlorella pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain) that is cultivated outdoors, our chlorella extract contains much chlorella growth factor (C. G. F.). Our unique and patented technology succeeds in breaking down the cell walls by at 90%, thereby solving the only remaining problem of tough cell walls that hindered digestion and absorption. Hence this product is sure to satisfy not only first-time users, but also those who experienced dissatisfaction with conventional chlorella products or other health foods. Also available in granule form.


    Ingredients: seaweed chlorella (Chlorella) powder (95.5%), soy lecithin.


    Seaweed Chlorella (Chlorella) Powder:

    5 tablets –  1 g

    15 tablets – 3 g

    40 tablets –  8 g



    start wading from 5 tablets per day, gradually increasing the number of tablets to 15 – 40 tablets per day. You can take all the tablets at once or in smaller amounts several times a day.


    Do not exceed the prescribed recommended dose.

    The food supplement should not be used as a food substitute.

    Keep out of reach of children.

    Store in a dry place, protect from direct sunlight.

    If you are ill, planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or breast-feeding, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about taking this food supplement.