• Sedacalm N20 tablets

    Sometimes during the night you close your eyes – the sheep just do not want to be counted, the thoughts chase one another, and tomorrow’s troubles get into the mind before the break of dawn.

    One tablet of “Sedacalm” before a sleep could help to prevent it!

    It contains melatonin, which helps to reduce the time until sleep, extracts of chamomile, oat and passionflower, and SerenzoTM – an active vegetable substance from sweet oranges and acacia gum.



    It helps to cope with the mental stress, anxiety, to fall asleep and tune inner circadian clock.

    COMPONENTS Concentration mg in 1 tablet
    Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate L.) aerial part extract 200
    Serenzo™, containing: 125
    Limonen 25
    Oat (Avena sativa L.) aerial part extract 75
    Linden flower – Tilia spp. dry extract, containing: 50
    Flavonoids (based on vitexin) 2,5
    Chamomile (Matricaria recutita L.) petals dry extract, containing: 45
    Apigenins (expressed as apigenin-7-glucoside) 0,54
    α-bisabolol 0,009
    Melatonin 1


    Adults – take 1 tablet 30 mins before bedtime.

    For jet lag management: Adults – take half a tablet before sleep on first day of traveling and continue for a couple of days on arrival.