300 g

    45 servings

    Contains Collagen Gold, wild Nordic blueberries, aronia and black currants.
    Choose between a bag (210 g) for 30 servings, a can (315 g) for 60 servings or travel size (14 g) for 2 servings.

    Collagen Beauty Remedy 

    • anti-aging
    • skin, bones, joints and connective tissue
    • contains iodine, which contributes to normal skin
    • contains dehydrated blueberries, aronia and black currants

    4.50 84.00 

    WILD NORD® COLLAGEN BEAUTY REMEDY is a unique blend of marine collagen added to vitamin C, wild-harvested seaweed and dehydrated hand-picked Nordic blueberries, aronia and black currants, which contain natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that boost your skin, bones and cartilage.
    In Collagen Beauty Remedy we use blueberries, aronia and blackcurrants, which are gently picked in the Nordic forests, dehydrated and powdered with whole berries. At 7 g Collagen Beauty Remedy you get 5 g marine collagen and 2 g berry powder, which is equivalent to 12 g fresh berries.


    Use your Collagen Beauty Remedy daily as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    1-2 measuring spoons (7-14 g) of Vild Nord® Collagen Beauty Remedy daily. The powder is mixed into optional foods or beverages such as water and smoothies. The powder has a light taste of berries.


    Hydrolyzed collagen of cod (Gadus Morhua) 70%, black currant 14%, blueberry 9%, aronia 6%, acerola 1% and seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum) 0.2%.
    May contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs .

    KJ 1549
    kcal 370 g
    Fat 0.7 g
    Of which saturated fatty acids 0.03 g
    Carbohydrates 16 g
    thereof / including sugars 7.2 g
    Dietary fiber 9.3 g
    Protein 65 g
    Salt 0.71 g
    Vitamin C 718.6 mg
    Iodine 1137.3 ug