• Biogena Diamonds®

    Dietary supplement

    90 capsules

    71 g

    Inspired by the radiance of the diamond – elegant and unique
    Over three intensive years of passionate research and development have resulted in the luminous vision of a unique high-end product.

    Keep your brilliance – Developed and designed for the highest demands
    Our declared goal is to let your personal facets of brilliance shine, to unleash your infinite potential and thus bring out what is still hidden. The ultimate 5-in-1 Master Collection supports all top Healthy Life needs with just three capsules per day. Biogena Diamonds® brings together the premium selection of branded raw materials proven in hundreds of clinical studies. As brilliant as you are.

    These 5 diamonds give your brilliance the unsurpassed shine:

    • Keep your health with vitamins C, D, selenium and zinc to support a functioning immune system. Magnesium and both vitamins D and K help maintain stable bones. Vitamin B1 is sometimes nicknamed the “heart vitamin” because it supports heart function. Vitamins C and E as well as zinc and selenium protect your cells from oxidative stress.

    • Keep your focus with pantothenic acid as a contribution to mental performance. In addition, the trace elements iodine and iron support normal cognitive functions, such as perception, thinking, knowledge. For visual focus, vitamin A contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.

    • Keep your energy with the B vitamins involved in energy metabolism riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6. Folate and magnesium help reduce fatigue and tiredness. Potassium and magnesium support normal muscle function.

    • Keep your balance with vitamins of the B group such as thiamine, niacin, vitamins B6 and B12 and magnesium to contribute to the stable functioning of the nervous system and psyche. Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure.

    • Keep your glow with zinc, which is in use with biotin to maintain healthy skin and hair, and together with selenium supports the maintenance of normal nails. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen for normal skin function. Copper supports normal skin and hair pigmentation and maintenance of normal connective tissue. Vitamin C, E, zinc, copper and selenium protect cells, especially of the skin, from oxidative stress and thus support beauty from within.

    Bioavailable micronutrients in pure form

    • The world’s highest number of micronutrients combined in one preparation

    • Optimally dosed and balanced

    • Clinically tested, patented branded raw materials, researched in numerous studies

    • Strictest quality criteria and complete quality assurance system

    • Latest findings in biochemistry, nutritional science and medicine

    • The purity of the diamond, embodied in the Biogena pure substance principle

    • 100% vegan, gluten- and lactose-free, suitable for diabetics


    INGREDIENTS: Potassium citrate, hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (capsule shell), Biogena Viersalz®-complex (magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, magnesium gluconate, magnesium carbonate), ubiquinol, calcium-L-ascorbate/Lthreonate , Phytogena® blend (Pterocarpus marsupium extract, broccoli extract, green tea extract, elderberry extract, blueberry extract, bioflavonoid-containing citrus extract, pomegranate extract, olive leaf extract), Carotinogena® blend [beta-carotene (from Dunaliella salina), paprika extract (contains zeaxanthin), marigold extract (contains lutein and zeaxanthin)], pine bark extract (Pinus pinaster), mixed tocopherols, nicotinamide, zinc picolinate, ferrous bisglycinate, D-alpha tocopheryl acetate, trans-resveratrol, quercetin, potassium iodide, calcium-Dpantothenate, vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7), cholecalciferol (from lichens), manganese gluconate, sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, sodium riboflavin 5′-phosphate, thiamine mononitrate, chromium (III) chloride, cupric citrate, (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid, glucosamine salt (5MTHF-glucosamine), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, 5‘-desoxyadenosylcobalamin), D-biotin.



     3 capsules
    % NRV*
    Vitamin C (Ester C®)120 mg150 %
    Niacin (mg NE)48 mg NE1300 %
    Vitamin E (mg alpha-TE) 18 mg 15018 mg α-TE2150 %
    Pantothenic acid15 mg250 %
    Riboflavin (vitamin B2)4.2 mg300 %
    Vitamin B64.2 mg300 %
    Thiamine (vitamin B1)3.3 mg300 %
    Folic acid (Quatrefolic®)300 μg150 %
    Biotin150 μg300 %
    Vitamin K2 (K2VITAL®)30 μg40 %
    Vitamin D325 μg500 %
    Vitamin B12 (MHA-Formula)9 μg360 %
    Potassium300 mg15 %
    Biogena Viersalz®-complex300 mg
    Magnesium90 mg24 %
    Zinc9 mg90 %
    Iron6 mg43 %
    Manganese1 mg50 %
    Copper1 mg100 %
    Iodine150 μg100 %
    Selenium30 μg55 %
    Molybdenum30 μg60 %
    Chromium30 μg75 %
    Pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®)100 mg

    Phytogena® blend,



    Epigallocatechin gallate

    Epigallocatechin gallate




    155 mg


    43 mg

    15 mg

    18 mg

    3 mg

    2.3 mg

    Carotinogena® blend,


    Lutein (Lutemax®)


    to vitamin A (µg RE)

    zeaxanthin (OmniXan®, Lutemax®)

    125 mg


    6 mg

    4 mg

    667 μg RE3

    1.4 mg





    75 %


    Ubiquinol (KANEKA UBIQUINOL™)60 mg
    trans-Resveratrol (Ver-ite™)23 mg
    Quercetin20 mg



    RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 3 x 1 capsule daily taken with a meal and plenty of liquid.

    The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.

    Products containing trans-resveratrol should only be consumed under medical supervision when taking medicines.

    No substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Store in a dark, dry place at room temperature.

    Protect from heat. Keep out of reach of children.