• CARE collagen refill with hyaluronic acid

    150gGive your body holistic pampering with loving care of skin, hair, nails, bones, connective tissue and mucous membranes.

    CARE Holistic Therapy Collagen is developed for you who need a little more support. Maybe you have had children, rounded 40 and can feel that the skin is starting to get thinner, the mucous membranes are teasing and the hair is getting finer and no longer has the same splendor that it once had.

    CARE Starter consists of a metal container, which is beautiful to have standing in front with the 150 g CARE Holistic Therapy Collagen, which is included, as well as a practical measuring spoon. Here you get the perfect upstart kit. In the future, you can simply order a CARE Refill bag and refill your CARE container with new collagen powder.

    Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet.
    Supplements should be kept out of the reach of small children.
    The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.


    5 gr
    *Daily Value*
    Marine collagen 4510 mg
    Vitamin C 120 mg 150 %
    Zinc 6 mg 60 %
    Manganese 2 mg 100 %
    Biotin 200 µg 400 %
    Hyaluronic acid 54 mg

    *Daily Value – nutrient reference value.

    Ingredients: Marine collagen from  cod , vitamin C, zinc, hyaluronic acid, aroma (blackcurrant), biotin, manganese, color (anthocyanin), sweetener (steviol glycosides).

    May contain traces of crustaceans and molluscs.

    The recommended daily dose for adults is 5 g (1 scoop). Dissolve the powder in 2-300 ml of cold water and drink it immediately after.
    CARE has a wonderful taste and aroma of black currants and an inviting pink hue.

    Dry, tightly closed and not in direct sunlight at max. 25º C

    Shelf life
    The product is best before 24 months from the date of manufacture in unopened packaging.