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Probiotics Daily Flora. Live bacteria
Probiotics Daily Flora. Live bacteria
Probiotics Daily Flora. Live bacteria
Probiotics Daily Flora. Live bacteria
Probiotics Daily Flora. Live bacteria

Probiotics Daily Flora

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Vegan food supplements with pro- and prebiotics

DAILY FLORA Fastmelt is lactic acid bacteria for you who want a simple and effective supplement to your diet. It's easy to take and tastes so delicious that it's easy to remember your daily intake of pro- and prebiotics.

Lactic acid bacteria are different species of bacteria that naturally occur in our gut flora, where they protect against harmful bacteria, help maintain our digestion and utilize the nutrients we get through our diet.

Each DAILY FLORA Stick contains 10 billion live lactic acid bacteria from the well -documented bacterial strains: BB536 and BIFOLAC ™ 12. Each stick also contains two different types of indigestible fibers that give the lactic acid bacteria so you get the most out of your probiotics supplement. The powder contains natural flavors and sweeteners.

Vild Nord DAILY FLORA is ideal in addition to your daily diet.



* Melts directly on the tongue with a great taste – no need for water

• 10 billion live and viable lactic acid bacteria in each serving

* 2 well-documented bacterial strains; BB536 & BIFOLACTH12

* Contains 2 types of prebiotics; inulin from chicory and FOS from sugar cane.

* Vegan


Fillers (xylitol and erythritol), fructooligosaccharides (sugar beet),
Ascorbic acid (L.-ascorbic acid), aroma (lemon),
antioxidant (citric acid), freeze -dried bacterial cultures of lactobacillus rhamnosus bifolac ™ GG and B. Animalis SSP
Lactis Bl-04 Binder (sodium carboxymethylcellulose),
Surface treatment agents (mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, silicon oxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids), anti -lumpy (magnesium oxide)

Mandatory text for supplements: The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Supplements should not replace varied diet. Store out of reach of children. Should only be used by a doctor or health care provider by pregnant women and children under 1 year. NOTE. The above text is a mandatory text. The age declaration may vary. Therefore, see the concrete indication under “Daily Dose”

Use yours Vild Nord® collagen product as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

The durability of the product is best before 24 months after the production date in unopened packaging.

The product should be stored dark, dry and below 25 degrees. After opening, the product can advantageously be stored below 20 degrees.

Vildnord® is produced in Denmark for Tellusvitae ApS


The stick is opened and the contents are poured directly into the mouth. There is no need for liquid. The powder dissolves directly on the tongue with a fine blueberry flavor that feels nice and leaves no aftertaste. So simple and delicious that it's hard to forget its daily probiotics.
Recommended daily serving: 1 stick

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